‘Current Location’ the map app



Looking at my phone

I tap on the map app

‘Current location’ stares back at me

Well, according to GPS, located somewhere in the sky

I am at ‘current location’

I glance again

“I’m not really here” I whisper

I look to the blinking cursor…..


“I don’t know where I want to go” I whisper again

It continues to blink at me

I glance to a line located just below

3 Icons with names




“I don’t think I have any favorites” I utter

Words falling out

They are matter of fact

I tap on the favorites button

Verification maybe?

This populates

Two words

‘Current Location’

“but I’m not really here…”

I attempt to argue

With an app

Sit down

And let out a sigh

I was here….

I’m almost certain of it

It was yesterday

And I’m slightly sure that I was here the day before

But I’m just not today

Perhaps I’ve checked out?

But I’m not lost

There’s proof of that

The map

So I remain


In this

‘Current location’

That one most refer to

As Life

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I wish only to be alonely

Wake up in my house

Without anyone or anything to worry about

It is quiet

Without plans




And I am



The morning beginning

With sunshine

Gently teasing closed eyelids

As I roll over


This darker side of the room

But again the sunshine beckons

Creeping onto my back…

Warming up my body

Which had been comfortably wrapped


Under perfectly warmed covers

“Uncle!” I cry

“You win!”

A leg flings

From a rapidly rising temperature

of what is now an oven turned to broil

My eyes remain closed

The mind gently beckoning

“Let’s continue our slumber…”

I’m only half aware of the options

“I want to be alonely…”

I whisper it softly

Then pull the covers over my head

Teetering between consciousness and unconsciousness

Relaxing once again…

Softly rocked in both directions

The choice is simply up to me

And I choose

To be alonely


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