He waltzed with me….

To be clear, this day is not one I generally give much thought to.

This year however, I am currently in an emotional battle. One of which I am not proud.

As I went about my morning routine, I felt ordinary. A relief.

I drove off to work in the normal fashion. 5 minutes into my drive, He asked me to dance. I felt my checks turn warm as they filled with color. I was allowed only 2 songs, of my choice.
I hadn’t prepared for this. The adrenaline came rushing through my body. There are so many songs to choose from, but only 2….

They must be perfect.
Wait. Did He really ask me to dance? There are so many, and He chose me? I felt like a school girl being asked to her first dance.
I swear I heard every tick of an imaginary clock at work. Would it ever end?
Lunch brought a most pleasant experience of pouring over lyrics. Oh, could the perfect songs be found under these circumstances. Just as the invitation had appeared out of nowhere,the songs floated into my head. It was as if the same breeze had followed me into work.

The remainder of the work day was spent with intent focus on task completion. The last half hour presented new challenges needing immediate attention. Would this day never end!
A thirty minute delay was heartbreaking. I wondered if He would wait.

As the longest drive home finally came to an end, I raced into the house. Changing into sweats,I grabbed my coat and raced out the door. Yes, there was a little bit of daylight remaining. Was it enough?

Initially I ran, but as the bitter cold air rushed into my lungs, defeat imminent. I began a brisk walk. It would be close. As usual, Darkness was clearly fighting hard to win the battle. Walking up the hill, I reached the gate. Upon its opening a last gush of bitter air surrounded me and then faded away.
I fumbled to find my music. As the first notes trickled out, a tree branch extended its arm ever so gently. And so our waltz began. And I was spinning and twirling with such grace. Each note lasted but a moment but was felt with such intensity. The moon and stars were ever so gentle to me. The mood was so perfect in every way.

And then the music stopped.

I fell to my knees. As the warm tears rolled down my cheeks and turned cold, I felt such peace.

I stood up without and gently wiped the tears away.

I then quietly exited this place.

Darkness had come but I was not afraid. I was completely filled with a love that truly passes all understanding.

He waltzed with me.

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