Snowflakes to snowballs

I’ve been reading The Purpose Driven Life. I start it once every year or three and really have a hard time following through to the end. I love the book but about day 10 I start feeling like the dog in the movie Up and I tend to find squirrels everywhere. It’s hard for me to finish.

This time, I’ve been journaling thoughts after each day and taking my time with the book. If I skip reading it for a day or four, that’s okay. I come back when I’m ready.

This journey has lead me in a most interesting direction, oddly enough, it happened on day 10. I decided to take the books advice and take my hands off the steering wheel.

Snowflakes to snowballs.

My neighbor has been with her boyfriend for 10 years. She is a quiet girl, very meek and very few friends. In letting go of the wheel, I felt God calling to me to invite her into my life. She has opened up to me from time to time about the verbal abuse she lives with.  I listen from time to time, but that’s about it.

She happened to text me a couple of weeks ago. Her boyfriend was drinking again and treating her badly. She wondered what we were doing. My daughter and I just happened to be having a girls night and invited her to join in. She snuck over and we picked out Mermaids as our movie choice. It was a quiet evening of soft laughter and manicures, compliments of my 13 year old and Pinterest. She thanked me for a nice evening and snuck back home, without even being missed. A snowflake.

A month later, Les Mis was calling my name. I invited a random group of girls and much to my surprise she agreed to join our small group of 4. She informed him early in the week of the outing. The night of, he threw a tantrum, thus setting more snowflakes in motion. I introduced her to the other 2 women and the flakes began to take a more ball like shape. As we watched the movie, I was fully immersed in the changing emotions. As it came to an end, I couldn’t help wondering what purpose God could have possibly had with this. It was a long movie and my 2 children were home alone on a school night. As she checked her phone, there were 9 missed calls! Yep, 9. Along with 2 nasty voicemails. I couldn’t believe it. I took her home and said goodbye. Thinking that was the last time she would be out with the girls, I came home and said a prayer for both her and her boyfriend. I asked God to watch over both of them and provide them clarity in their relationship and lives.

I was surprised the next morning to receive a text stating she was verbally abused; he would be deleting both her email and Facebook accounts. I replied telling her she was beautiful both inside and out. With God still in control, I shared with her that I had prayed for them both and that I valued her friendship.(They do not belong to a church and openly joke about God in a negative way) She replied that he had also hidden her keys in hopes that she wouldn’t be able to go to work. Luckily, she had a spare set she hadn’t told him about. This snowball was rolling out of control.

I hadn’t heard from her in about a month. And then it came.

The next text.

She wanted to know when the next girls night would be. They had come to an understanding that she needed to have friends and time away on occasion.

God truly works in mysterious ways.

Let Him take the lead, He knows how to drive snowflakes and giant rolling snowballs.

God will show me the path of life. Psalm 16:11

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