God here…..did you get my message?


My good friend recently educated me on God’s message.

I have been struggling with our sermons at church. I try to listen but find my mind wandering to mindless things.(did I pay the bills on time?, do the kids need lunch money?, how long have we had that banner on the church wall?, how many lightbulbs are there on the ceiling?, etc….)

Turns out the entire message was not meant for me!! Who knew, right?

In trying to soak it all in, I was missing my message.

Yes, God has a message in each sermon just for you, me and everyone else.

Typically, it’s a sentence or maybe just one word.

Think I’m crazy?

I dare you to try it.

Listen and it will sound as if your words are in stereo.

I even tried it on the way to work while listening to music today.

I felt like listening to Linkin Park. I giggled out loud, “okay God, show my message. How can it possibly happen thru this kind of music? Let me guess, your going to make me change my mind about what I want to listen to? Alright, you win. I’ll be quiet and listen now!”

As the song played on, I sang along as usual.

And then it came.

It was the fifth song on my playlist…”Waiting for the end”

What was my message?

“The hardest part of ending is starting again”

It was probably the 1,345th time I’d heard those specific lyrics, but it was as if the instruments had melted away for that split second and my surround sound had been upgraded to a Bose system.

The hardest part of letting myself go and trusting God to lead, are those exact words.

I know in my heart I need to do this to become a better person.

In those words I felt Him put His arm around my shoulder saying, “it’s alright, we can do this thing..together.”

Let me know what He’s telling you……….

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