Release the pain….

I am a crimson black sponge

Dried up and brittle

Having attempted to absorb all your anger and hatred

Your shiny black eyes

How they relished in my pain

Slowly, meticulously, stripping away my identity

That evil satisfaction

A smile about your lips

My tears were your lullaby

Rocking you to sleep

Stare at what’s left of the nothingness you’ve created

Internally, I am bleeding

Warm thickness is a suffocating comfort

Painfully reminding me daily

I’m still alive

If i have any left

Today’s prayer is simple

Help me O Lord

I’ve fallen too far to reach

“I saw the tears of the oppressed-

And they have no comforter;

Power was on the side of their oppressors-

And they have no comforter.” Ecclesiastes 4:1

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