God here…..let’s take a ride on the merry-go-round

Tonight I took a walk.

It was later than usual and the dark started closing in on me. I rounded a familiar corner and as I looked straight ahead, I saw an open gate to our local fairgrounds.

Why not, it beckoned me. It’s not getting any darker.

As I detest being a creature of habit, I willingly accepted this dare.

Venturing in, the moon illuminated a bright red merry-go-round.

 The stage for tonight’s big show.

The path to the object was less than desirable, the melting snow and mud joining happily in this now double dog dare.

But I had no fear of either.

The little school girl who once played hopscotch with ease, maneuvered effortlessly through this course.

Finally reaching my destination, I looked at the object in front of me, I sat down on it.

 No, this isn’t right.

I tried in vain to set the object in motion.

My legs pushing back and forth with hopes of dislodging enough of the white wet resistance to enjoy a short ride.

No luck.

Ah, yes, now I understand. How could I forget, well, it has been many years after all.

Lay on your back, feet over the edge and just soak in the quiet.

I looked up past the tree branches to the moon lite sky.

“God, is that you?” I asked.


Of course, I knew the answer before it had spilled from my lips.

I laid there.

  Enjoying that quiet.

There is a such a peace about absorbing nothing while He is with you.

No prayer was said.

No more words were spoken.

Just spending time with God on a merry-go-round.

How simple.

I like simple.

I really do.

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