The creek


Today as I walked to my favorite spot

The wind was biting, cold, and forceful

Warning me I was not welcome on it’s violent path

While I certainly appreciated the high level workout,

I was determined to break through this resistance and have my overdue talk with God

The cold biting through my clothing would not stop me

I had prepared for the battle at hand

Extra clothes were worn under my warm coat that was now cinched up so tight only my eyes and nose could be found

I fought onward and was almost there when a creek caught my eye

It would make a very nice picture but I would need to venture down an icy slope to do it justice

Off  on the new path I went

As I began the descent, I could feel the howling wind subsiding with with each step that lead me closer to the end of this new path

Reaching the creek destination, the initial step of my foot indicated it was froze

I began to walk to find the perfect spot.

This would require a venture further down on the ice to better capture the best view

As I took the pictures, I could feel that there was more to this journey

I listened to the wind,  as it continued howling from the road

Whining that I had won this round; it could no longer antagonize me

I looked around, then proceeded with my emotional breakdown

I cried for things I knew, for things I don’t know and everything in between

How, I said, how can I do this?

I’m not strong enough

I can’t do it

“But I never asked you to do it alone” was His answer

“I will never leave you

I am always by your side”

I cried again, because I know He is right

“Stay awake, stand strong in your faith, be brave, be strong.” 1 Corinthians 16:13

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