YoUr mAd HaTTer…….

NoT sO LonG AgO

ThErE wAs  a GirL LiKe AlicE in WonDerLand

unSurE of WhO ShE wAs

Oh, SHe wAs AlicE…BuT noT HarDly

AnD thEn sHe meT a MAd HaTTer

And iT wAs MaGicAl, BeAutiFul, MysTeriOus

iT heLpeD HeR tO RemeMbeR

WhO AliCe wAs, whO sHe CouLd bE, WhAt sHe WaS mAdE oF…

DeEp inSidE, VeRy DeEp DoWn inSidE

HeR jouRneY Was DepEnDenT oN thAt MaD HaTTer

hE Is CraZy yOu KnoW…

BuT All ThE BesT pEopLe ArE

WhaT iS AliCe wiThouT tHe MaD HattEr?

JuSt a giRL

BuT wiTh HiM…

ShE iS UnStoPPabLe

BuT He Is MaD, YoU SaY


ThEre iS A biG DiffeRencE

To AliCe

AnD ThaT iS thE onLy OpiNioN thAT “MaDDeRs”

FiNd YoUr OnCe UpoN a TiMe

ThEn TaKe a ChanCe

On HaPPilY EveR AfTer

It MaY NeVeR ComE AGaiN

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