God here…..Stop what you’re doing…


God here…just wanted to talk with you for minute.

Sure glad that stop sign got your attention.

Sometimes I struggle trying to find a way to reach you.

Think about all the signs you encounter daily and how you obey them with little to no thought.

Is it easy to obey these on a daily basis?

I would like you to think about those signs as you encounter them tomorrow.

Stop, go, yield, caution, right turn, left turn, merge, crosswalk(now there’s a thinker!)

So many of these signs have meaning to My word also.


That is what I would like you to do right now.

Obey My signs(commandments)

They are also very important

And I’ll bet that everyday you encounter them too.

I  pray you find My signs are also easy to follow.

Okay, the light is green.

Full speed ahead.

Don’t worry, I’ll try to use a caution sign next time.

Although I have to admit, that stop sign was very effective.

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