Dirty love

As I was having supper in our church fellowship hall I overheard a conversation.

Daughter:Do you know Jaynie?

Son: You mean the one that’s a “dirty”?

Mom: what is a “dirty”?

Kids: Mom, a dirty is someone that nobody likes.  They’re weird.

Mom: Why?

Kids: Mom, you had dirties in your school too, you just didn’t call them that.

They are right. We have all had “dirties” but the names have changed over the years.  I remember nerds, dweebs or geeks.

I think back to how these people were treated.

It certainly was not how I would want to be treated.

Now think back to how Jesus was treated.

Sadly, I have a feeling he would most likely be considered a “dirty”if he was here now too.

As I saw one of these “dirties” smoking when I drove home yesterday, my heart felt heavy. This boy once came to our church on a regular basis. I remember his eyes the most. They were looking for hope, and love. Someone who cared.

Not only have we failed him, we have failed so many children.

It has me asking the question….when do we decide to teach children to separate people into those who are “clean” and those who are “dirty”, and what right do we have to place this judgement?

A boy in our congregation recently asked me to mentor him. I accepted and then felt as if there is no way to help him as there is little to no support from home. But as I overheard the conversation above I know God is speaking to me. We can be that someone who cares, one life at a time.

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