A night at the theater……

Him: So you want to go with your girlfriends to that?I would have liked to go.

Her: But you don’t like theater.

Him: Well, just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t go. But if you would rather go with them than me….

Her: I’ve asked you before and you didn’t want to go. You told me theater was boring.

Him: Well, I’ve changed. People can change can’t they?

Her: So, you want me to call my girlfriends and cancel because you want to go with me?

Him: Well, I guess you need to do what makes you happy. If you would be happier with your girlfriends, I guess that’s your decision. We all have to make choices.

Her: Well, of course I love you, I would just like to spend time with my girlfriends sometimes too.

Him: I remember a time when I was enough for you. You didn’t need all these other people to make you happy.

 She calls her girlfriends and tells them she will attend with him; they all remark at how lucky she is to have someone who cares about her interests.

The night of the show will come, he will complain about the cost, and the crowds. He will ask, “What do you see in this? The actors were not that good, and the show was really long. Don’t you think? Or did you think they were really good?”

Yes, what a blessing it is to have someone who really cares about her interests.

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