My emotional heartbeat…..

Wow….just when I thought it was time to give up, I reach day 30!!

This is only the 2nd time I have even gotten this far in the book and I am so inspired!!

I have an emotional heartbeat!! I just knew it!! There are so many things I am passionate about. Music, music, music..Can you just hear my emotional heartbeat?? I can. Early on I would memorize lyrics and write them down. I would then listen so close to a song. Stop, rewind, fast forward, play it again. I have this intense desire to absorb every note, listen for things I have not previously heard before. It’s so amazing, I can lose myself in a song so completely it’s as if I have disappeared into it. I can remember as a little girl listening to a song on MTV and all of the sudden a commercial would come on and I would look around to find my entire family had disappeared. It was so strange. And they would return from a restaurant and tell me they had asked me to go and I had responded but I had no memory of it. I had felt guilty that I couldn’t remember any of it.

Today as I read day 30 of The Purpose Driven Life, I felt excited as if I know where I am going. The Holy Spirit has hand picked my gifts specifically for me!! Why would I apologize for that?!? Yes, I cried at Les Mis. Yes, I cried at how beautiful the music and dancing was at the last musical I went to. It’s my emotional heartbeat!!

That little girl was using her gifts to feel so intensely what was given specifically to her. And what a feeling it was. To melt away into the earth for that brief moment is beyond exhilarating. To lose yourself in your gift that completely is beautiful. It is what you were meant to do.

So get out there and use your gifts and I will share mine with you.

Sing Me Sweet- Matt Nathanson

“Sing me sweet

Sing me low

Say you’ll never let me go”

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