One word from you can fill me with such hope it feels as if my heart will burst into a million butterflies

Can you see me standing among them?

They are fluttering gently around me in a rainbow of colors

The sun is shining on my face as the breeze continues to twirl me

And yet

One day without words seems to drag on incessantly

Two days without words is an eternity

Three days and I feel myself beginning to fall apart

Four days and life has lost meaning

Five days and panic has set in, where have you gone?

Six days and I am frightened. As my chest begins to tighten, I fear I will never hear from you again

One week, or has it been a thousand years

Time is standing still

And then,

Ever so magically it appears

 A word, a sentence, maybe even a paragraph

Life has begun once more

It’s the harmony to complete the perfect melody

I have saved all of these words

And if the day comes that words are no longer given to me…

I shall not cry, but be grateful for the beautiful experience that you chose to give if only for a short time……exclusively to me.

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