It’s over when it’s over

As I reflect

I am aware that this is over

There’s no going back 

To what it was 

What it could have been

It’s sad and yet it isn’t, all at the same time

Did I try everything I could?


It’s over when it’s over

I tried everything I know to make this work

As I go to counseling 

I am repeatedly asked the same thing

When will you break his heart?

Now, will be this week’s answer

When will I ever stop loving him?

Never, is what my head tells me

I’m sure I will see him around 

Laughing effortlessly with someone new

Treating her like I wanted to be treated

Looking into her eyes with a loving, gentle kindness

Then I will finally be able to cry and grieve

As this is all I ever wanted to see

Only then will it truly be over

On that day, my life will begin again

Eric Church- “It’s over when it’s over”

On that day, it will truly rip me like a dagger




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