God here….go with your gut

I attended my cousins wedding last night

I mingled with relatives and many people I hadn’t seen for many years

As I was about to leave, the grooms sister and I had a conversation

It started off simple enough and others joined in

The topic turned to teen pregnancy

 My newly teenaged daughter was with me during this time

As I woke this morning that topic is at the forefront of my mind 

My gut tells me, there is no better time to talk to your daughter than now

That conversation was focused around how teen pregnancy is the norm for that town

I was shocked that not once did anyone have a constructive comment regarding the situation and one of the parents actually laughed and said “well my daughter’s only 9 now, but I’m sure i’ll be a grandma when she’s in high school”.

My daughter absorbed every word that was being said

As we drove home we talked about the bride and groom, the relatives she had met, how we were all related, and so on

I missed the most important topic

Today my gut is reminding me not to miss this opportunity that God has given me.

I am so thankful that God gave me a gut, and I am going to go with it. 


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