God here….Um…SILENCE!!!

Well, I’m sorry I had to yell, but I really have something I want to share with you


That’s it, you say

Yep, that’s it, just silence

Listen, I hear everything you say to me but…

Sometimes I need you to listen to me

Find that place,  our special place

Perhaps it is outside under the stars

Maybe it’s the bathroom with the door locked

Maybe it can only be in your mind

But find it

I am patiently waiting

Sometimes what you and I do not say is the most important conversation we need to have

What do you do if you can’t hear me?

You don’t need to hear me

Just come into the silence with me

I’m sure you will find it comforting

Don’t worry, you will know I’m there

i won’t tell you how, but trust me, you will feel such peace at that very moment

Exodus 14:14 “The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent”

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