My lovely secret

I have a secret

Kept deep in my soul

And only I know it

Cause it’s never been told

It’s a most lovely secret

But I dare not tell

Because it involves….

Oh well, what the hell

It’s love, but it’s truer than true

It’s broken and battered

And all about you

I love your wrongs, each and every one of them

I love your craziness too

It’s so fuzzy and warm

When you let it come thr0ugh

But I’ll never tell you

Of that I’ve no doubt

I love how your wrongs

balance all of my rights

I love how you sleep days

And I’m asleep in the night

Your terribly bruised from years full of pain

But sometimes, yes sometimes

I catch a glimpse of your sunshine

while you dance in that rain

And I am carried away to a place I’ve not been

I giggle and laugh as around I do spin

With love in the air what a heavenly sound

And tomorrow you’ll fade

as you’ve done many times before

But when you come back

I will love you all the more

For my soul is on fire

Doesn’t matter what you do

But it’s my lovely secret

And I can’t share it with you

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