God here….Are you alive?

God here… are you alive?

What I mean is, are you living the life I gave you?

Yes, you breath air, go to work, take care of the day to day,

But are you alive?

I have given you one life on earth

This is to live

Yes, I have plans for you

But, did you know I also want to see you have fun with who I created you to be?

You are unique

I have made no one else like you

I am very glad that you have focused so much of your attention on me

But I also need you to be alive

It gave me great pleasure to see you just being yourself tonight

You entertained and touched so many lives by just being you

Why must you try to be something else?

You don’t

Let go of the past and come alive for your future

I have been waiting for you to be free from the past you continue to bury yourself with

Remember, just as I am very much still alive, so are you

Now get out there and be the best you that you know how to be

It makes me smile, and yes, watching you dance tonight with those other girls like you had not a care in the world made me smile

You were so alive, I haven’t seen that side of you in so long

I’ve missed you

Song for today: The Original by Switchfoot

Come on baby free yourself

You’re the original

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