The greenest grass growing….

imageAs a little girl there was one particular place I found peace

I have only ever told 2 or 3 people of this place

And even though I have told them

I have only disclosed that I feel comfortable there

Nothing more

It is a place where I dance

The place I like to cry

It comforts me when I’m lonely

And it always welcomes me

It’s at the end of a long gravel road

On the right hand side

 I recently found the old sign that used to hang over the entrance

I can’t make out all the letters and it really doesn’t matter

This is my place to talk to God

It’s got the greenest grass growing

As I close one chapter in my life and open the page to the next

I lie down in my favorite spot

I feel at peace with myself and my life

I will be buried here some day

And I can’t imagine a better place to be

Perhaps someday I will find someone to share it with

“The Greenest Grass” Joshua Radin

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