Are you good enough?

Today I questioned myself

Mostly about who I am

Am I good enough?

I was recently asked why I let myself get into relationships where I am verbally beaten down

I honestly don’t know the answer

That was my reply

I just don’t know

Trust. I trust people.

Too much, it makes me vulnerable

Vulnerable to fall in love with people who reel me in after I am hooked

And I am trapped

A fish flapping around on the grass with no water to be found

Am I good enough?

Yes, I really am

Am I strong enough?

This is the bigger question

My goal is to remain alone for one whole year before even considering a new relationship

Because right now, I’m not good enough to trust myself

2 Timothy 2:7 “Think over what I say, for The Lord will give you understanding in everything.”

I have a lot of time for thinking……just hope 365 days is enough.

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