Day 362: Short and sweet

Well although I like to think that describes me well, I have this other side that begs to differ

As I am in the middle of a separation, that also looks to to be short and sweet but some days begs to differ, this is a time for reflection

What have I found?

  1. I am a horrible judge of character. I have no issue with trusting people. That has changed.  Let’s just say my dictionary has an updated definition of the word. Can we say earned??
  2. Every relationship has issues. This information somehow comes out like diahrea when you want to “talk” to someone about your own issues. I find myself consoling them. Don’t believe me, ask someone. In the past 6 months I found out:
  • Susie’s boyfriend is extremely controlling. Hid her keys to the vehicle because she went to the movie with me. Not to mention he called 15 times while she was there. Oh, and he deleted her facebook and email accounts too. BECAUSE SHE WENT TO 1 MOVIE!!
  •  Sally’s husband has cheated on her several times and given her a “hall pass” to do the same(she has not used to date)
  • Alice wants to go to marital counseling because things have gotten so bad in her relationship. She’s wondering if I have any names of good counselors?? (Well, what part of separate do you not understand? I’ve got names, not sure how that will work for you)
  • Judy’s husband is verbally abusive to the point that she fears for her childrens long term relationships in life(Ummm…..What are we teaching our children??!!)

What does it all mean?

Well, I feel better about myself after hearing everyone elses stories. It’s like a horror movie that just keeps getting worse!

And to think, I was feeling bad that he has went out of his way to friend the 100’s of women he used to know or date before me. In his defense, he did wait until after our 2 “short and sweet” counseling sessions. (apparantly, I’m a little slow at this whole counseling thing or he’s on the accelerated program)

I have 362 days left of my year alone and I’m thinking that may be too “short and sweet” for me.

“The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread” Mother Teresa

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