God here… let’s talk about those 6’s

I know you’ve been seeing 6’s lately

I see that concerns you

Looking around to see if the devil is trying to sabotage something?

Well, I put them there

Perhaps it was a phone number, a statistic at work, change back from a purchase, etc.

Why did I put them there?

Because I want you always to remember that the devil is just around the corner waiting to challange you

He sees how strong you are and wants to make you an extra special offer you can’t refuse

Can you feel his jealousy? Well, you have what he can never have, a relationship with me that continues to grow stronger.

Look for those 6’s and know that I am with you even then

When that temptation comes your way, put those 6’s to use

Give him 6 good reasons to walk away, shout my name 6 times, say a silent prayer 6 times

There, that’s 666.

The number that outnumbered the beast

Don’t get my started on the number 13, we could be here for days

Now get out there and find your lucky 6’s!!

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