The cemetery,the perfect place to…um

Yes, this is my favorite place to talk to God. Well, I usually just talk to Him there, but sometimes I yell at Him, or cry to Him and yes, on occasion I may have swore at Him.

You swore at God? Well, yes, I did, I have, and I will. It’s not my fondest moment, but I try to keep it real. No, I wasn’t struck down by lightening and obviously I have lived to write about it. In retrospect, it would have been a good place for Him to end it(In this instance, “it” meaning the conversation or perhaps even my life), but He is a very good at being patient with my outbursts.

Why is the cemetery the perfect place?

Well, for one thing it’s quiet. Not that all cemeteries are, I did have to try out a few to find the perfect one. Tried one in the middle of a town recently, there is something about hearing a constant stream of cars pass by that tends to create a lack of concentration. Brought new meaning to the term “laid to rest”, but that is merely an opinion. My favorite cemetery is located on a hill off of a quiet gravel road.

I will tell you that on more than one occasion God has indicated He was not happy to talk with me there. 5 racoons hissing at you from a tree carries His message loud and clear. And then there was that family of skunks that cut our conversation a bit short one evening. I guess everyone has a schedule to keep.

But on an average outing. I lay in the grass, look up at the sky and just talk to Him. The last few times, we just lay there in silence. I feel such contentment and I know His spirit is with me.

When you find your perfect place, you will know. You will feel it.

I shall pray that you find your perfect place. And if I meet you at mine, well that would be strange, I’ve only ever encountered animals there.

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