Listen here Job!

So you’ve been feeling like a direct descendant of Job lately

Well, who hasn’t?


I know what it is like to be in the eye of the perfect storm….I’m currently there

Think about this for just one minute.

God was using Job for bigger things

We’ve all read those stories that make us feel like it could be worse

We’ve all thought our own stories couldn’t possibly get any worse

Right now. Well, I’ve been looking up in the corners of the room thinking “where are the camaras hidden? I’m sure I must be on candid camara and someone is waiting for me to explode into a million pieces and say I simply can’t take anymore!!”

Well listen up Job!! That person is God and He IS watching you. 

Bring your suffering to God. Cry out to him. 

Not ready yet, then read Job.

Feel his raw pain. Write it down, can you be that raw and candid with your struggle?

Can’t do it? 

Listen to Terrible Lie by Nine Inch Nails, yep that’s what I recommended.







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