Identity Theft aka Verbal Abuse

It happened so slowly

Hardly noticeable at first

I feel compelled to tell you how good you really are at this crime

But this is not the first time you have stolen an identity

A Politician no doubt, the public simply adores you

As did I

As the years crept by, I became everything you wanted me to be

At first I would look in the mirror to see you smiling over my shoulder

And then, to see you watching over my shoulder

And now, as I look into that same mirror you are the only one there

I panick, splashing water upon my face only to find your reflection laughing

It’s a sinister look, telling me what a failure I am

And you have the last laugh, your face in that mirror so clearly telling me I have been transformed into something you no longer want or need

 You are moving on to the next victim

And I lie in a heap on the floor

Raped of all that I was, am or ever hoped of being

My identity


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