Brand New Key

One simple song

And it was used to show me something I only thought I already knew

It’s not about me

The task

Bring God into the center of my children’s lives

Solution, read The Purpose Driven Life as a family

Enter in….not one but two lead balloons.

As I announced my newest solution to my children, I was clearly reminded of what they were like in their terrible two’s. And I had been so sure they were teenagers….

I read the first day anyway and asked for feedback.


Frustrated, I left our day one journal empty

What was I doing wrong?

A couple of hours later it was time to take my dad out to eat

There was more protest, but less of a tantrum than I had envisioned

We have been attempting to rebuild our family relationships over the past 6 months

Local restaurants were packed so I had no choice but to venture out-of-town, my teenage two-year olds sitting in the back seat helping to remind me why I had always gotten a babysitter for these outings.

As fate would have it, I had recently put a playlist together of all my favorite songs that my dad would sing to me growing up.

First song to play….Brand New Key

Dad began to sing, high and more out of key than I had even remembered

Enter in the laughter

He sang the whole way, song after song.  My daughter joined in, apparently I was not the only one who was listening to this playlist. My son continued to laugh as my dad encouraged him to sing. Recently joining a band, my dad insisted his grandson guitar player needed to know how to sing.

As the night drew to a close, my son turned to me and said “Well that was a lot more fun than I thought it would be, grandpa sings really funny, and I liked that song…..the one about the roller skates”

The first chapter in The Purpose Driven Life- It’s not about me. I have read the book over a dozen times, and again learned something new. God taught my children and I what I could not do alone.  It’s not about ME wanting to teach my children about God, it’s about asking HIM to take that lead in our lives.

He showed us our Brand New Key.

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