A slip of the text…….

I saw words never meant for my eyes

Said to a girl, without your ring on her finger

And my ring stares back at me

It is a symbol of lies

In my mind I lay in the fetal position

You enter the room

I hear your accusing words

It’s all my fault

If only I had been so much more

It wouldn’t have come to this

And your breath reeks of alcohol flavored contempt

As I lay there taking the nights verbal beating

You say that she means nothing to you

But I hear that I mean nothing

To you

To me

To anyone

As the tears flow effortlessly down my cheeks

I fall asleep numb

And the morning comes

I hear you are sorry

And yet it is my fault that it came to this

I drove you to this

My mind is numb

I look into your eyes

I don’t know you anymore

Perhaps I never did

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