Desperately seeking Victoria


The lightbulb was growing very dim

It was difficult to see anything clearly

I was running in a forward motion toward the same mistake I’ve made time and time again

My kryptonite?

Chasing after that which is not interested in me

Making it a personal challenge to win it

In the process, change everything I am to be everything it wanted me to be

I am a chameleon

And the lightbulb started to slowly produce more light

Where is Victoria?

I don’t care, I answer

What does she want out of life?

I don’t matter, leave me alone

Why must you chase someone?

I’m not lonely, I just like a good challenge

When have you ever been completely at peace with yourself?

I don’t remember

I’m desperately seeking Victoria, can you help me find her?

Old habits are hard to break, I may not be strong enough

Why must you surround yourself with people?

I’m afraid to be alone

Who are you?

I’ve never really tried to figure that out

Then we shall start today, I tell myself

I’m ready, is the very weak answer given back.

The lightbulb shatters

Only thru my darkness shall I find the light

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