God here….so you prayed for someone to love you

imageWell, I heard your prayer

You prayed for a miracle…that I would send someone who would love and take care of you.

Someone to finally do for you what you tried so hard, for so many years, to do for others

In the end, you built a house made of glass which shattered into a million pieces

And now, you are but a fraction of the person you used to be, and yet you are so much more

How beautiful you are when I see your smile in the mirror

I search deep into your soul

So real and genuine

Just as I had planned

And your children, did you notice they also have your soul?

As they climb out of the shells they have newly outgrown,  beautiful butterflies are emerging

Each filled with a unique set of colors bursting with dreams they never knew they could achieve

You have always been such a solid foundation for them to build upon

As you lose yourself, I work more through you day by day.

You asked to be filled with love, but you have always possessed it

As you now give it away so freely, I can’t help but smile at you

This is indeed your true purpose

You are giving off such a sparkle and as you inspire others to be so much more than they have ever dreamed, I can’t help but think I may have outdone myself with your specific mix of gifts

Thank you for letting go of who you are to become what I have meant you to be

I will always work thru, as long as you let me in

Now get out there and sparkle

P.S. Your prayer was answered. Ask yourself this, could anyone love you more than I do? I’m so glad you asked, I’d been waiting for a such a long time. And I promise to take very good care of you.

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