God here..I sent the rain


Well you woke up thinking you were again going to  work all day, your agenda was set

The entire day planned

Then you noticed the rain

Didn’t even get in your run, now did you?

It was nice to see you this morning in church

Of course I did kinda nudge you into going now didn’t I?

As you wondered yet again if you would catch your message, I decided to make it a bit easier to pick up.

I have to admit I was laughing out loud as you heard the minister read off the bible verse about Mary and Martha

What are the chances of that happening, right?

Oh come on, all you do is throw yourself into work lately

 Take some time to understand who you really are

The dishes will wait, the clothes will still be dirty tomorrow and that deck has already sat for 8 years, what’s a month or two going to hurt?

Let your inner Mary out, I remember when you were fun, we all do.

Don’t forget that I have blessed everyone with a little of both, this includes you

Remember how you used to dance in the rain?

That’s why I sent it

I do so love watching your whole face light up as you twirl among the rain drops

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