God here….adding to the cedar chest



I see you’ve recently added to your cedar chest

One more precious memory has been stored away

It’s amazing to see all of the beautiful things you have stored in there

So many times people chose to burn the very things you have decided to preserve

No, its not a real cedar chest, it’s imaginary in the sense that it only exists in your mind, but of course I know all about it.

I am most impressed with your thoughtful choices. Your family memories, long-lost friendships and particularly your past hurts.

Only you don’t store them as such, rather they are stored as accomplishments, battles that were overcome and amazing opportunities to accept my help in climbing mountains. You never cease to amaze me.

They indeed are not scars but your own personal beauty marks, everyone has them and I’m so proud of you for seeing them as they truly are.

When you are ready, let’s open the chest together and revisit some of them. I love each and every one of them, just as much as you do.

A woman who openly accepts her beauty marks, has such a poignant glow about her.

And yes, it is possible that some day someone will find these same beauty marks wildly attractive, but let’s give the memories time to soak into the cedar chest before we consider new ones.

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