I ain’t settlin’


Pretty much sums up how I feel lately.

I encourage you to attend a Christian rock festival. My personal favorite is Lifelight, but Winter Jam is another great one that is more nationwide.

Why attend these? Because it will clearly confirm what the bible states, there are men strong enough to live up to God’s purpose for them. It is one thing to read it, yet another to see it in action.

Make no mistake about this,  you are worth waiting for, each and everyone of you. Male or female. Good things come to those who wait, do not settle for anything less than what God has intended for you.

God’s expectations have been set quite high.

What If no one can live up to those expectations?

Then I will be content in knowing that with God’s help,  I can.

I ain’t settlin’ and neither should you.

So I’m inviting you to put your dancin’ shoes on, turn it up loud and sing  with me.

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