To the man I love

You capture my every moment.

My mind wanders to you as if on repeat.

I’m patiently waiting to look into your beautiful blue or perhaps dark chocolate-brown eyes (I’ve always secretly wished for the brown ones).

Please know I am yours for all of time.

If there is another man on earth, I have yet to even notice.

There is only you, there has only ever been you.

I feel your strong hand softly reach for mine, my insides flutter with the excitement of a thousand butterflies.

Your steady arms gently embrace me with a love that could only be sent from above.

I have known you my entire life.

And yet, I have never even met you.

When the day comes, I shall know you from all of my dreams.

God shall smile on that day just as He does every time He answers a prayer.

Until then, stay safe my love and know that it will all be worth waiting for.

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