Going to bed early and sleeping in…….

It came back today 

I wasn’t expecting it

It kinda just showed up uninvited.

You’ll be sitting on the couch watching tv, next thing you know it’s sitting next to you, but only in your lap. You get up and expect it to be gone, but it’s in that imaginary backpack that is now attached to your shoulders. Might as well adjust the straps and get comfortable. No telling how long you’ll be carrying it around.

There is no rhyme or reason as to when it will come back. 

The worst part is that you have your whole day planned with no extra time; there it is waiting for you. Come on in, I’ve been expecting you. Although I can never bring myself to tell “it’s been too long since the last time I’ve seen you”.

I’m always hoping it will lose a little weight but it doesn’t care much about its appearance

The sad part is, I don’t care much about mine when either when it visits

I know we all get our share of visits from it so please don’t take this as whining

It’s more about sharing what we all experience

Don’t think I’m talking behind it’s back either, we’ve had these discussions out loud. Lonely doesn’t seem to care either way. That’s the part that really irritates me. I mean, I certainly listen to everything it has to say to me, over and over again. Like it’s stuck on repeat. I think, man, when are you going to let it go already!! But I am a good listener, maybe even too good.

Well, it’s back in the room now so I better go. 

I certainly don’t want it giving me the evil eye too. 

Well, at least we’ll be going to bed early. That’s the thing about lonely,  it never stays up late and always seems to sleep in. Must be the life. 


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