As a little girl I loved to go on one particular walk

It was on a gravel road that happened to wind past a set of sewer ponds

Growing up, the gates were always open

Oddly enough, hanging off of the metal gates in thick bright red letters were not one but two No Trespasssing signs

I often giggled as I walked

But as little girls do, I became a bit mischievious wanting very much to venture inside the open gates and peer into those enormous ponds

And so one day, I did

I remember being on the lookout for cars, which of course were not abudant on this particular road for obvious reasons, not many people desired to build their home near these type of ponds

I felt a rush that i had never felt before. It was amazing. I had trespassed, or had I?

One definition is a wrongful entry upon the land of another.

Well, I did do that

But another definition is an unlawful act causing injury to the person, property or rights of another, committed with force or violence. I hadn’t done that at all.

As each Summer would come, I would look forward to my walks around the pond with the gate open.

Trespassing had become my favorite pastime.

Now, I have come to live by those same ponds once again.

The gate is no longer left open, except for one day this Summer

It caught my attention immediately and the adrenaline rush was back. But this was no longer the road less traveled, but it certainly wasn’t traveled a whole lot more than before. And I was no longer a little girl. Nor would this be looked at the same way if caught.

And just like as before so many years ago, that mischieveous little girl walked past the open gate. Then she ran, and laughed wildly and stopped. She took a picure of a rock pile, as a souvenir.

Then out of the corner of her eye, she saw a car. Did they see her? Who intentially looked over a sewer pond?

The car started to creep ever so slowly.

What if they came in here? What if they shut and locked the gate? What if they called the police?

It slowly drove out of sight.

She ran for a few seconds then stopped.

This was her walk, and she would enjoy every second. These gates may never be open again.

As she made her way around the pond the open gate was closing in on her

Her smile widened, would she make it out in time if they had called in her crime? What if she made it out and they questioned her walking on the road? Would she be honest?

Had she trespassed?

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