The doubt came seeping back in……

I put myself out there

Still raw and exposed

I was ready I said

barely clearing my throat

And so the dance started

The walls to come down

Met someone who loves to twirl me around

But what happened next

Has me shattered into a million tiny pieces

As I dance with my new partner, I glance to my right

A happily married man with a heart full of God has been watching us all night

What comes next, did he really request a photo of me?

I quickly issue a rejection response

My heart is so heavy

I look at my new partner with fear, could he ever be trusted?

I take off the ball gown

They’ll be no dancing for me

For trust is a word that will again be removed from my dictionary

The devil is winning this round

I embrace the doubt that comes seeping back in

And my dance partner looks up with his eyes of chocolate brown

Don’t let the devil win, he’s only trying to bring you down

But I’m not ready to start dancing again

Take my hand, he whispers

I look at my toes, and I softly tell him, I’m not sure I know how

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