Something magical is in the air

Out of nowhere, something hits me

Completely out of the blue and I feel so inspired

And I know I am closer

You have started your journey towards me

I’m smiling at the thought of you

And I whisper aloud

“Come find me”

And I know you hear me

Are you across the globe, hundreds of miles away or maybe even in the same town

“Come find me”

I can’t help but whisper it to you again

I want to know your smell, your touch……..absolutely everything about you

You are so magical

There’s so much to who you are

And I am absorbing it all

You intoxicate me

And God is smiling

He knows when you will find me

And I am so blessed to know He’s decided we will be together

“Come find me”

I whisper it one last time today as my eyes flutter off to sleep

Dreams of you are all I have but they are more than enough….for now

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