Releasing the girl from the cage

As if I were a butterfly about to be captured by a net, any sudden movement sends her flying further away from everything around us.

The ever elusive beast that refuses to ever be captured or contained by anyone ever again.

And I look in the mirror at the reflection of this animal whose eyes and smile tell me I’m no longer in control.

I have let her out one too many times lately and she has taken over my every thought.

She has pushed the very core of my being into a dark corner in the back of my mind and thrown away the key.

“We are free”, she whispers savagely, “they will never capture us!!”

And I am certain she will stand behind her promise.

There will never be a lion tamer strong enough to cage her.

But suddenly, I’m not the least bit afraid of her, I smile politely back and assure her she is right.

She does not have to fear me, but yet I know she does.

“NEVER!!” She hisses at me, “I WILL NEVER TRUST YOU AGAIN!!”

And for today, our conversation is more than over.

She is very protective of me and it is so reassuring.

She is the leader…. for now.

But my corner no longer feels so dark or distant and I am starting to feel so connected to her.

I love her with all my gentle heart just as I’m sure she loves me with her entirely savage heart.

We are one in the same, yet I am so much more her than I’ve ever been.

She intoxicates me as well as those all around her.

Such a raw honesty about her.

There is only one thing she will ever be afraid of, and that is me.

And I no longer want to take the lead in her life, but rather I want to ride along on her every adventure, finally feeling the passion that pulses through our very veins.

It is so limitless, raging warm and penetrating into my every thought.

She brings my mind to places I’ve never let her venture to before, and all at once I am blushing.

This ride is so exhilarating and her thoughts consume my every moment.

I want so much more of her…but my mouth fails to even whisper it, but I’m completely certain that there is no need.

Where will we go next?

I don’t dare ask her but my heart starts beating so rapidly at that very thought.

We are finally living the life God intended us to live, together just as we were always meant to be.

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