God here….find your passion

I see that look

It tells me you’re ready

Ready to discover some of what has been buried deep inside for too long

It’s who you are

It’s who I meant for you to be

And you ask me what it is

But I will not tell you

I watched the sparks for so long

But they would not ignite

You see my child, there was no oxygen

And now you breath it in so deeply

As if you will never get enough of it

But you will

And the spark has lead to a flame

Small right now

And I smile as I see it’s soft glow increasing in size

Do you not see it?

It is your desire, your passion

It will soon be a large fire

Too big for anyone to put out

And I am so excited

For this is the side of you I love the most

It is infectious, contagious and it spreads so rapidly to all around you

And you are igniting a forest fire in my name

Let the flames reach to the heavens

I dare you

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