Welcome back my old friend….

It’s been a while

Too long

I guess you hoped I’d never return

But tonight I will interrupt your every thought

And I will handcuff you to our memories

Forcing you to relive every bad experience we’ve ever had

And tonight’s nightmares will be so very real

We’ve lived through each and every one, many times over

And we shall awake many times

Frightened….unable to move

The horror eternally stuck on repeat

And it swallows us whole

Telling us we are the sum of all that has ever gone wrong

And the tears just won’t come

For it’s not the sadness we’re reliving

But the horror of every time we were beaten down

I hate you

I hate you for ever letting this happen

I hate you for having no spine

I hate you for watching your family suffer while you tried to quiet that monster

I hate you for all that you didn’t do

I hate you for turning away from us

I hate you for locking me away

And wasting so many years of my life

But even more, I hate you more for wasting theirs

They deserved so much more than you gave to them

And deep down I hope they hate you too

They loved you

They trusted you

And you let them down

You trusted that monster

The monster that ripped you to shreds and smiled as he ripped them to shreds succeeding in beating you down even further

How could you?

Tomorrow when you wake, tired and weary from all of your nightmares,

Do not look at me in the mirror

For I hate you down to your very core

You deserve every nightmare you will experience tonight

Welcome back my old friend….welcome back to the Hell you placed us all in

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