Adventures with the lonely- The Traditionalist

It started off innocently enough. I wasn’t really interested, perhaps it was the age difference, looks, profile, or a combination of it all.


That is what caught my attention.

Not only did he continue to pursue me, he tried the subliminal messages of how I secretly was very interested in him.
This of course led to exchanging of phone numbers….texting to start which lead to a few phone calls

At one point he tells me he requires someone thin and fit who eats veggies.
My response. I had cold pizza for breakfast and lunch and am not the least bit interested in being thin.
His response: I want to meet you
My response: That may never happen
Over the next week I inform I don’t cook nor do I keep a tidy home
He informs me he shall hire a housekeeper and cook, he would still like to meet me
I inform him to go on the scheduled date with the personal trainer, she’s a perfect fit
He’ s no longer interested in her

We continue to talk over the next few weeks

He tells me he dates attractive women
I tell him that’s great
He tells me I should be jealous
I tell him I’m happy for him
He tells me he can provide me plastic surgery
I tell him I’m happy with my body
He sends a pic of his beautiful home in a “nice” neighborhood along with pics of the well maintained area
I send him a picture of my neighborhood but it is filled but trees, no neighbors to be found
He offers me a job at his business
I tell him I threw a hammer at my ex when we tried working together

The deal breaker:
Traditionalist: Tell me what you disliked the most about your last relationship
Me: When he would sit in the car honking the horn as I proceeded to get all 4 children ready with no assistance
Traditionalist: Well you have a communication issue, I used to do the same thing with my wife. By the time she got everyone in the car she was extremely mad and completely blew up. If she had told me she needed help, I would have gladly assisted her. She didn’t have to work, and was a stay at home mom. I expected she would take care of the cooking, cleaning and children. If women would communicate when they need a man’s help things wouldn’t have to get so heated.
Me: Well, I hate cooking, keep the house clean enough, and raise my own children while also juggling a full time career. Along with that, I stripped and refinished both my deck and house this Summer, take my own vehicles in for repairs, and maintain a home on several acres. And by the way, I’m not willing to train anyone to understand when they need to help out. Either you get it or you don’t. So tell me, why in the world would I want to take on your additional cooking, cleaning and children?
Traditionalist: Because it is your duty. Woman was made for man, you were not meant to be alone

And just like that, the deal is over.
And no, we’ve never met.

The traditionalist is indeed stuck in “the lonely”. They will never be happy with a “traditional” woman. They seek what their religion has told them they should seek, but in all reality religion does not define these roles, peoples stereotypes do.

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