The definition of me….

There are walls of concrete, with reinforced steel rods

These are then covered with a titanium coating

And there is no way in

And yet they try

With their words and ideas

Spare me the typical offer for coffee or a dinner

Maybe a movie?


And then let’s get to the part where you tell me that you want to be in love


You really want to fall in love with your best friend and look deep into their eyes…

And don’t forget that I will be the only one you will ever dream about for the rest of your life

And I am broken?

They are not my problem

And I can guarantee they will never be mine

And in less than a few weeks it becomes clear.

What they really want…

Someone to do their laundry

Someone to cook their food

Someone to take care of their kids

Someone to clean their house

And me, well I get to be “loved” for the rest of my life

I have news for all of “them”

I already do all of that, alone.

Why do I need your laundry, cooking, cleaning and children in my life?

I don’t

And let’s not forget they would love to sit at home and cuddle

Did I mention an RV would be the most functional home for my current lifestyle?

I am not complaining or whining

I am stating the fact that I do not need your messed up life filled with loneliness

I will not be controlled nor contained

I live on the edge and it’s scary here, I like scary

So go back to your normal life, there are many women that will love that

I will never be one of them

It’s not the definition of me

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