Adventures with the lonely- The Lawyer

It started out like all rollercoaster rides start…slow and smooth

The words that were exchanged were exactly what she wanted to hear at exactly the right time

A date?

Well, I guess I’m ready for that

And it was indeed magical

Met at Perkins

Her: I don’t eat at chains

Him: Well I don’t know this town

Her: Let’s go ask the staff inside where they eat

Him: I’m pretty sure they eat here

Her: Pretty sure they don’t

Him: There’s a hotel across the street

Her: Ok, go ask over there

Uncomfortably, he goes over there while she tries to locate the keys that have already misplaced since arriving… almost 5 hours late. Finding the keys, she heads over to see what was taking so long(wink, wink). She finds him searching on the internet on a computer in the lobby.

The front desk clerk appears at the top of the stairs.

“Can I help you?” she asks.

“Yes,” I respond, “we’re not from town and need a place to eat.”

The clerk points across the street, “There’s a Perkins across the road you can eat at, will you two need a room?”

“No, no room needed”, she states strongly and very quickly. She then looks the clerk square in the eyes, “I’m looking for good food; where do you take your family when you go out to eat in this town?”

“Turtles”, the clerk replies instantly, “it’s got the most amazing homemade pizza sauce. It’s the original owners too, been around for years. You’ll be waiting to get a spot tonight, could be up to an hour.” Her face is glowing with community pride.

“Thank you, that’s where we will go. What’s your name? I want to make sure we tell them you sent us.”

“Wanda” she replies, “you two have a great time, and thanks for stopping.”

They say their goodbyes like they are old time friends and head on their way, separately of course.

Turtles is everything the clerk said it would be, complete with wait time. It is a dingy, outdated place, with an atmosphere that feels both homey and comfortable. Surrounded by town locals, they instantly feel as if they have always belonged to this town. The waitress sees them having a magical time and keeps a nice distance rarely daring to interrupt. And the night ends with one kiss. It is underneath the moonlight as she leans her back against her car. It is placed ever so politely on her cheek as he leaves her by the vehicle. His eyes look off down the street towards his vehicle, but both minds are lost in the clouds.

Fast forward to three weeks later.

Another date has been in the works. They are both so excited to meet again…

Enter in “the lonely”

Getting ready for the date, she realizes necessities are needed. Nail polish, tights, deodorant. Normal last minute things she never prepares for. A call goes out to the girlfriend, does she too need any supplies? Yes, more tights.

And of, course here begins the demise of a second date.

The girlfriend is also going on a date, needs help with wardrobe, and oh yes, her and her date are going to a piano bar, can you come along, double dates are so much more fun. Thus starts the excitement between girlfriends that immediately takes one back to high school. Nonsensical chatter at a pace only squirrels could keep up with not to mention even attempt to decipher. It is building and changing and the roller coaster is heading to the top that much is certain.

Rushing around the mall, she is plucking the items needed up at a pace only wonder woman herself could do in her invisible jet. She’s used the golden lasso on the tights, found a pair of earrings on the way to the check out and is giggling at the thought of how this night has taken so many exciting twists and turns.

She calls the lawyer to inform him of the plans.


“I thought we were going to watch a movie at my house and talk so we can get to know each other in a quiet atmosphere.” He states quietly.

“We will, after we go the piano bar. I just love those, don’t you! And we will be helping my friend in case her date is bad, because she loves me, so if it goes badly, you can just talk to him so it won’t be awkward. What a great plan, right?” she gushes.

The roller coaster heads down the steepest drop and starts back up, now moving in the direction of some dangerously sharp curves.

“Well, I wish you would have discussed this with me. I rearranged my whole evening for you. Why don’t you just go out with your girlfriend and her date this time instead, I’ll just stay home.” His voice has changed from pleasant to distant.

The sudden jerk of this curve twists her body in a new direction.

“You planned for us to watch a movie at your house?” as the words fall out, her voice has also changed from hopeful to deflated.

“I wanted to know more about you, I had picked out some great movies. We’ve been planning this for weeks, and were both so excited remember? It’s all we’ve been talking about.  But listen, we can reschedule the date, I don’t want to control you, I know that’s where you came from, so go ahead and go out, I can tell it’s more important” His court tactics strategically placed among the next series of sharp turns.

He tells her to call her friend and then call or text him back.

This ride is coming to its sudden and abrupt end

She now sits alone in the parking lot

In under two minutes, she has been taken back to the place she fought so hard to overcome over the last year.

In under two minutes, she has been forced back into a cage.

In under two minutes, her strength has been drained, identity stripped.

Everything she has worked to overcome, lost

She attempts to call her girlfriend explaining the dilemma, no answer

But she already knows the right answer

With determination in her step, she goes back to the amusement park

Without a glance, she passes right by the average ride that she has known for too many years

Her stride quickens and her pulse races

She is taking her place… in line for the scariest roller coaster ride of her life

Her smile turns savage

She is ready

Ready to climb to the top

Ready to take the plunge

Ready to go around every curve

This is the very roller coaster she has been aching for her entire life….. she will experience it as she was always meant to



Lawyer: one whose profession is …. to advise others as to obligations in other matters


Rollercoaster: changing between good and bad; uncontrollable or unstable


Life is a rollercoaster

The question is…

Are you going to let someone else advise you on which one you should ride?

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