Adventures With The Lonely – The shopper

One month ago she went out with the girls

It was to be a night of fun with her newly found dancing shoes on

As the band played on, she began feeling the music take control of her entire body

The dance floor was filled almost exclusively with girls

Each one hungry for more music and dancing

Suddenly…as if out of thin air

A stranger appeared

Her friends welcomed him into the group, she paid little attention to the development

The band played on and on… each song more exhilarating

He moved closer

She took little notice

This night was about the music and dancing

It is in moments such as these that no one else exists in her world

And then someone grabs her hand

The stranger is spinning her around

She smiles politely and for a few moments she tolerates the intrusion

But the music calls to her telling her it is time to disappear once again into that sea of dancing girls

The night continues on as did the occasional intrusion by one particular man

No matter, there was no exchange of names. No conversation

She remained ever distant, soaking up each note

As the night ends she gathers up her coat with a feeling of uneasiness about the intruder, but quickly shakes it off. It was nothing.

Jessica proceeds to drive her home, suddenly striking up a conversation about this particular individual. “Did you see Tim?”  Jessica asks. And all at once the stranger has a name. She informs Jessica she had. Jessica goes on, “he’s having problems at home with his wife Sara….you know, the one from the school?” How could she forget, she had interviewed her for a position with the company she worked for. And the uneasy feeling has resurfaced…ten fold. Married? That thought had never entered her mind. Surely this man had been single. And where was Sara? At home with their two children?

She exited the car troubled by the information but merely thanked Jessica for the ride.

The next morning, the feeling had not passed but yet grown. She text her girlfriend that the incident weighed heavy on her heart. Nothing to worry about her girlfriend replied back. Don’t let it bother you. Every relationship has issues from time to time.

Fast forward to one month later….

The man whom she had never provided her name to sent a friend request

He had indeed been shopping

Shopping to get away from “the lonely” that had taken up residence in his home, his marriage, his family.

Shopping is an activity in which a customer browses the available goods or services

As the week went on, he sent questions to her regarding the available goods

But some items are simply not for sale

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