The Morning Glory

No longer buried

The seed has grown

What once lay dormant

Refuses to be pushed down

It has long since pushed thru the black dirt

Is that the best you can do?

The weakling emerged

But it is anything but weak

These roots now running very deep

They are spreading

Taking on those around who dare to creep in the same direction

Tree roots


Up on and over

Just for fun

Take an occasional detour

Wrap tightly around that thing which threatened to be an obstacle


Well now, those are a necessity

Miracle grow is indeed well named

And this particular flower continues to spiral out in many directions  

Watch as it touches so many things

Every so often leaving a bud behind

It is no mistake that you must watch it bloom with the early morning sunrise

Wait and indeed you will miss it

Until the next blossom comes

And it will, of that there is no doubt

Old blossoms fall gently to the ground

In their place…..

Not one but 3-5 seeds

It’s a multiplier


Follow its path

Dare to keep up

It will not be waiting for you or any other





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