The purest form of crimson and black beautifully intertwined together

So unlike any color I’ve ever felt before

Threatening to consume my every breath

I can feel how badly you desire to take me in and suffocate me  

And I crave all of that

How you have enjoyed this game of cat and mouse

That wicked grin about your face

You know you will eat well this time

Better than all the times before

Me, your greatest challenge thus far

How you love to dance without ever even daring to touch my hand

You are so strong

And you take the lead with every tune that dares to enter my head

Two months into our black and white conversations, my fight to resist you is futile

You openly tell me you are bad

The things you have done are unforgiveable by any mans’ standards

The devil himself has reason to be afraid of you

A beast with no soul left to reap

Your colors linger inside my head going deeper throughout my entire body

I am drawn to your every move

An unbreakable trance

I feel the water rising

And I want nothing more than to go under

Swallow me whole

I am begging you

Push the air from my lungs

Take all that is left of me

Your latest hunger will be satisfied

Me, a mere snack that your nostrils have been savoring until the perfect time

Our wicked eyes meet

You are slowly taking in mine

You revel at the most beautiful shade of crimson and black you have created to date….

You slowly reach out to me

The final move for our dance to be completed

Your hand is so close….

My back arches in anticipation of this most deadly touch

Your evil smile, so infectious

My destruction will give you the sickest of pleasures

With the most beautiful of poses my fingertips stretch closer until the thinnest of air is all that is between your fingertips and mine

A tornadic wind rushes in from out of nowhere

Silently spinning me around and filling me with a light

As you struggle to comprehend you search for my eyes

But they have been returned to their graceful shade of greenish blue

You have lost your most important battle to five simple words

Lead me not into temptation



Never underestimate the power of God







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