Release the super balls

There is so much in my head…

It needs to come out

There is no room

I feel as if it is suffocating my very being

It is all jumbled

And confusing

Wanting to scream

What does it all mean?

What is it telling me?

Speak to me!!

I tell my thoughts to slow down..

They refuse to listen

Racing inside and bouncing off the insides of my skull like a million super balls

What do you want, I ask them?


And there are so many

All bright and loudly colored….orange, yellow, pink, green, red.

The color list continues to grow every day

And with each addition….the bouncing increases

Faster and higher

More Collisions all the time

I can’t make them stop

I close my eyes

They are still there….

The colors now more vivid even than with eyes open


I scream at them from the inside


There is no response

My eyes reopen

What could all these little rubber ball want to say?

Calming down, I quietly say to them….who are you?

We are who you are

What do you mean?

We combine to make up your life

But isn’t it too fast…too much?

Close your eyes again they tell me

And I do

I relax again

I begin to watch them…this time it is almost as if they are in slow motion

And I am taking in their every movement

They combine so beautifully as I silently watch them

And I realize what they are showing me

In this moment it completely takes my breath away…

I am colorful

I am bouncy

I am colliding with so many people at any given time

So uncontrollably in control

A most beautiful mess

And I wouldn’t want to imagine me any other way

So if you see me out….

Look very closely

And you may just see them

In the way I walk?

Through my smile

Behind my eyes

In what I am wearing

In how I hold myself?

I am a hundreds of colorful super balls all bouncing at once

And now that we have met…..

You have added one more to my life

And I will always be thankful for that

If you remember only one thing about me….

Let it be to release your super balls

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