God here…..looking for my SongBirds

Have you ever noticed the passion a bird sings with?

So loud, strong and confident

I remember as a little girl how I would try and sneak up on a bird as it was singing its song

And it would move forever out of reach with each of my failed attempts

Throughout the entire process, it’s song loud and clear…never failing

Not even the slightest hint of fear of me interrupting

Try as I might, I could never imitate that specific song

Listening carefully with each failed attempt hoping to get a little closer to the tune I had heard…but always ending up falling short

As you listen to the SongBird, reflect on its meaning

We are all unique songbirds

Not meant to sing another’s song

Never meant to be imitated or contained

Your song is to be sung with passion and when you feel someone is too close….

Fly on down to the next line

So get out there and sing your song until it’s six feet tall

It’s your song and NO ONE will ever sing it like you do

Look at the bible verse that gives us this guarantee:

Matthew 25:15
And unto one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one; to every man according to his several ability; and straightway took his journey.
So be a beautiful song….songbird

“Three little song birds sitting on a wire, sing a fire from your belly so small.
Sound waves rolling, the waves spread wider.
You sing a song until it’s six feet tall.
Walk, and stalk, and stalking on the side walk.
Wearing clothes standing side by side.
Fly little song birds on to the next line,
you sing a song you look each other in the eye like

Who all can tell you not to sing your story?
Who all can tell you that you’re singing off key?
You’re the dance, you’re not the dancer
You’re the song, not the one who sings.

Beautiful Song, Song bird
Na Beautiful Song, Song bird
Na Beautiful Song, Song bird
And you tell the truth”






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