Feeling the ants……

I can remember lying in a random cemetery last year

Feeling almost as if I were sinking into the ground around me

Or maybe that the ground was becoming a part of me

I kept thinking if I stayed there long enough I would be naturally composted into the earth

No one ever knowing I existed

They would walk on top of me and feel no different than walking on any other piece of ground

It made perfect sense, knowing that we are made from dust

This reminded me of my favorite spot

In my favorite cemetery

Under the perfect shade of a hearty old tree

As I take my regular comfortable place, the ants begin to crawl up and down my arms

It tickles at first…. and you really have to think it all away….

Forget that the ants are moving on your skin….

Feel as if you are the ant….

Let me attempt to explain it

To start, it is very difficult to get there

You have to keep your mind so focused

That irritating desire to swat them away always in the forefront of your mind….

You feel as if you can’t take it anymore

Pray for strength…

Tell your overactive mind to relax

It’s time to refocus

Close your eyes once again….

Start to feel the sun warming your skin

Those same ants are still there crawling on your skin but their legs feel much lighter now

Exhale and take another natural breath…
Can you start to feel them on your neck?

Perhaps they were always there but you were so focused on your arms
and legs you couldn’t tell

The transformation tells you that this is not at all about collecting more ants….

But that is exactly what you start to feel happening over your entire body

As you drift further away from yourself, you feel them on your ears,
moving to your face…

Then even on the very strands of your hair

Is this possible?

To feel this tiny movement on a strand of hair?

And you find that it very much is…

They are crawling on those very strands of your hair making their way to your neck and ears

You feel them individually…. yet all of them at the same time

On your most delicate features…the eyebrows, eyelids, even your  lips….

They are part of you

There are not millions of them but rather a few hundred scattered everywhere….

All so calm and relaxed

Something you never pictured ants to be

Their journey has a purpose, but the pace of that journey has changed

There is no hurry to get there

It will happen

Who would have ever thought ants crawling all over your body would
produce such a beautiful moment

I pray that one day you will also be able to truly feel the ants and yet not feel them at all

Remember all of our journeys have a specific purpose……it is not a race to get there but rather the commitment to stay on the path






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