God here…..Let me help you “own” it


I woke up so refreshed

I’ve let someone go

And guess what…..they’re nowhere to be found

Am I surprised?

Yes and No

If I am honest I have to remember this is to be God driven

If God wants it will

If He doesn’t, it won’t

It’s really that simple

I was sad for a day

And there may be a few more mixed in from time to time

But I won’t stay there anymore

I refuse

It’s not where I will ever belong again

I deserve more

I’m a good person

And I need to be me

I asked my older daughter to look at the outfit I was wearing

“How does it look?” I asked

“Well, I don’t like all the colors and patterns mixed together myself,” she started to say…

She then paused for a moment , smiled and looked up at me with that sparkle in her eyes which was directly inherited from her mother and firmly stated….” it looks exactly like you.”

“Perfect” I said, “That was exactly the look I was going for. I don’t ever want to be anyone else.”

She laughed, “I love you just the way you are mom.”

So many people have supported me throughout this past year….

“Why are you trying to be someone else?”

“We love you just the way you are. Your crazy and all.”

“Nobody’s ever asked you to be anything else.”

They’re right

I got caught up in trying to sell myself

Not exactly sure why

I will not have to sell myself to the one God has chosen for me

They will love me just as I am

I honestly have no desire to be anyone other than me

And only I can “own” that

I’m too crazy for most, unorganized, always run late, can be extremely stubborn, spontaneous, outgoing, very vocal on topics I am passionate about, and my filter is…well….mostly unfilteredJ

I love it here

It feels like me

I thank God for continuing to help me own it

It’s hard when you’ve allowed yourself to conform for so many years

I’m getting there…..

All alone with God’s help

So f you see me out, don’t forget to say hi!!

I do so love meeting new people

How will you recognize me?

I’ve been told the crazy hair is a dead giveaway….

As is the infectious smile and my unique clothing style

Oh….And I’m a big hugger…..so make sure to give me a hug!!

I’ll hug you back tenfold!!

And don’t forget to let God help you “own” your true self too….

That’s the only thing he wants you to be

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